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Learn how to keep Windows up to date, fix errors and other issues with Windows Update. Fix the problem yourself or get help from the community

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Use our Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter

This troubleshooter will detect and solve Windows update issues automatically.

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Ask the Microsoft Community

Type in your question in the search box below. We will show you a list with threads related to your question. Does this not answer your question? You can create a new thread, support engineers, MVPs and other Community Contributers are here to help you. More information about the Microsoft Community

Get Live Help

Get Live Help

For Windows Update issues we only provide support through the Microsoft Community.

There's a good chance that someone has already asked the question you have in mind, and that someone's answered it. Before you post a question, search for it first. When you can't find an answer you can open a new thread. Support engineers, MVPs and other Community Contributors are here to help you with your issue.
More information about the Microsoft Community.

Last Review : December 3, 2014