Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Support

What is Assisted Support?
Assisted Support is provided in the form of single support incidents or in multi packs. You will need to establish whether you have a no-charge entitlement to these incidents, if not, you may need to purchase them. To find out, telephone your local support centre, or submit your technical support incident online via the Microsoft Support Site. You can also visit the Support Website for no-charge support information and self-help support resources, which are available 24x7. The site provides easy-to-use self-help resources and is designed to carry the minimum level of jargon.

What defines an ?incident??
An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort(s) needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If it can be broken down into subordinate problems, each subordinate problem shall be considered a separate incident. An incident may require multiple contacts and off-line research to achieve final resolution. The time spent in delivering these solutions is independent to the amount you will be charged.

Once I have reported a problem, can I leave it to Microsoft?
Microsoft may require additional information regarding the problem. Microsoft will contact you to discuss the issue and to collect any further information that may be required.

Am I guaranteed a solution?
While our support professionals will endeavour to resolve your issue, Microsoft cannot guarantee to resolve all issues due to the diversity of our customers? computer configurations. Customers may request to close a case before it is resolved; however the chargeability is at the discretion of Microsoft.

Who defines what constitutes an acceptable solution to the problem?
The Support Professional will agree upon the definition of the problem with you when you raise the support incident. The incident will be closed after the support professional has delivered one or more suggested solutions to you. The time spent in delivering these solutions is independent to the amount you will be charged. If the support professional is unable to deliver a solution, you will be notified and the case will be closed as unresolved. The chargeable status of an unresolved case will be at Microsoft discretion.

What online self-help resources does Microsoft provide?
Online resources provide users with instant access to Microsoft?s online Knowledge Base articles, Frequently Asked Questions, newsgroups and other resources.

Can I be certain that Microsoft will provide support services should I require them?
Microsoft is committed to providing support services to help resolve problems that arise when customers use our products. Please check the Microsoft Lifecycle website for a list of products that are supported by our support professionals. Microsoft cannot guarantee a resolution to your problem.

What happens if I have a virus?
Free Virus/Security Related support is available for customers who call for advice about avoiding or eradicating a virus within a Microsoft product. In this instance, we will make reasonable endeavours to assist the customer at no charge. However, if during the course of the incident, our Support Professionals identifies that the issue is not caused by or related to a virus (or virus related security issues) we reserve the right to terminate the no charge conversation and revert to a normal chargeable or contract-based incident.
Products out of the support lifecycle are not eligible for no-charge virus support. To see if your product is supported, please check the Microsoft Support Lifecycle.

What happens if I have a bug?
You can inform Microsoft of errors in Microsoft products (bugs) and errors in the documentation by raising an incident. However, this will not affect the number of no-charge support incidents you are entitled to and will not be charged if you have raised a paid-for incident. The classification of a bug is at Microsoft?s discretion.

Can I get support in my local language?
Microsoft always tries with best efforts to provide support in the local language, however Microsoft cannot guarantee that support will be delivered in the local language. Software Assurance customers submitting a support case online will receive email support in English language for English products only.

Is there anything that Professional Support does not cover?

  • Customer proposals for product features
  • Onsite support
  • Root cause analysis
  • Products out of support lifecycle. To see if your product is supported, please check the Microsoft Support Lifecycle

How many people can submit incidents per Professional Support contract?
For the primary purpose of the Professional Support agreement, we define your contacts into two contact types as follows:

  • Primary Support Contact (PSC) ? This is one person who is responsible for ensuring that your obligations under this agreement are performed.
  • Additional Contacts ? The additional contacts (if required by you) are defined by the Primary Support Contact and are eligible to receive the service elements in the entire agreement.

The ?PSC? will manage your process for submitting incidents and is responsible for establishing a process for controlling the submission of incidents.

You are responsible for all use (and mis-use) of any access numbers or passwords provided to you as a prerequisite for the provision of the Services. Microsoft can only issue a replacement access number or password if you advise us in writing that the access number or password has been lost or stolen.

Will I have to do anything to help with the problem resolution?
You may be asked to perform problem determination activities as suggested by us. Problem determination activities may include performing network traces, capturing error messages and collecting configuration information. You may also be requested to perform problem resolution activities including changing product configurations, installing new versions of software or new components, or modifying processes.

Can I do anything to prevent problems occurring?
We consider it prudent practice to fully back up systems at least every 24 hours. A failure to do so significantly decreases the opportunities for you to mitigate any harm or damage arising from an irregularity in your system?s operations or any harm or damage that might result as a consequence of the provision of support services.

You are responsible for implementing procedures necessary to safeguard the integrity and security of software and data from unauthorised access and to reconstruct lost or altered files resulting from catastrophic failures. We may be able to assist in reconstructing data files in the absence of sound backup procedures but results cannot be guaranteed and these activities will be considered a separate and distinct billable service.

How do I get a support contract?

How long do I have to wait for contact from the engineer?
When you submit your incident online, you are guaranteed a response from Microsoft as receipt of your incident within the next business day.

What happens if I have a question after six in the evening or during the weekend?
If you have a question after six in the evening or during the weekend, you can either use Microsoft?s no-charge online self support resources or submit your incident online for Microsoft to get back to you within the next business day.

When a system, a network, a server, or a critical program down situation occurs that severely affects customer production or profitability, you can take advantage of business critical after-hours support.

After-hours support will only be provided for business-critical incidents on English version products and in the English language. If you require local language product support, please consider contacting a local support provider.

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Last Review : 04 October 2012