Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy

Microsoft Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy

For Business and Developer Online Services

Online Services afford customers new ways of implementing change in their IT environments. These changes are frequently more rapid and require customers to be alert of forthcoming modifications to their cloud-based service.

Microsoft recognizes that Online Services are inherently more dynamic and, while providing businesses with increased agility, require Support Lifecycle policies to ensure service predictability. IT organizations familiar with the standard Microsoft Support Lifecycle policies for on-premises software will see that the online policies provide the consistent and predictable Support Lifecycle experience they have come to expect from Microsoft.

For additional policy details for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, please see Microsoft Azure Cloud Services FAQ .

Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy for Business and Developer

The Business and Developer policy for Online Services offers three key features:

Support Availability

  • Microsoft Support services will be available for the duration of the customer's agreement with Microsoft for the Online Service.


  • Unless otherwise noted, for all Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft will provide a minimum of 12 months prior notification before customers must accept any change that is deemed a "disruptive change".
    • For CRM Online customers, Microsoft will provide customers a 6-month notification period, except when removing support for an underlying system requirement, in which case Microsoft will follow the standard 12-month notification policy.  See Online Policy FAQs for information about the CRM Online exception (
  • "Disruptive change" means change where a customer or administrator is required to take action in order to avoid significant degradation to the normal operation of the Online Service.
  • The notice period will not apply to security related changes or updates.

Service Continuity and Migration

  • Microsoft will provide a minimum of 12 months prior notification before ending an Online Service for Business and Developer customers.
  • Microsoft will retain customer data for a minimum of 30 days to facilitate customer migrations or renewal activities prior to the deprovisioning of the Online Service.
Last Review : February 19, 2015