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Expiration Date: July 4, 2006 5:50 PM PSD (UTC + 8) Incident Number: 12345678 Pass Key: 12345678


  • The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool collects data that can be used by Microsoft Support for troubleshooting your computer problem. To use the tool you will need the incident number and pass key provided below. Please write them down or print this page.
  • To get started, open the Microsoft Support Diagnostics Tool on your computer, then follow the onscreen instructions. For more information, visit the Microsoft Support Diagnostics Tool  page on the Help and Support Web site.

The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool is an ActiveX Control that can enhance your support experience and make it easier for you to submit a support incident.

The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool also gathers diagnostic information, such as system information, registry settings, files, and similar data from your computer and uploads this information to the support engineer over a secure channel. This information can be used to diagnose the problem that you are having on your computer. To gather this system information, the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool downloads tools onto your computer if they do not already exist.

This control is designed to enhance your support experience. When you are prompted, accept the controls download to improve your experience.

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