Step 7


Report Safety issue, injury or damage

You are about to report a safety issue caused by Microsoft Hardware. We kindly suggest you proceed with the submission of this incident online.

After submitting the online request customer service agent will contact you back in shortest possible time. You are also proceeding with the Hardware replacement process to get your malfunctioning Hardware replaced.

Please follow the steps below to create and submit your technical support incident online:

  1. When you choose to submit your incident, the submission page will open in a new window, where you will be asked to select your hardware type and model.
  1. Once you have selected your hardware type and model, you will then be asked to provide your Product Identification Number (PID).
This PID can be found in several places, depending on the hardware. It may be on the bottom of the device, on a lable on the cord, or behind the batteries of a wireless mouse.
Mouse Pid Keyboard Pid Webcam Pid
Image 1: Mouse Image 2: Keyboard Image 3: Webcam
  1. A form will then be offered to you, which you will need to complete.
    Please describe in full details what was your experience, what problems was caused and provide full product information.
    Do you want to submit your incident?  YesNo

Last Review : 24 April 2012