List of Fixed Bugs in Systems Management Server Version 1.2

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The following table lists fixed problems in Systems Management Server version 1.2. This is not a comprehensive list and is current as of July 19, 1996. For more information about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the article identifier (ID). For a current list of problems fixed in Systems Management Server version 1.2, query on KBFIX1.20 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Summary List for Systems Management Server Version 1.2

Article    Article Title

Q122382    Scheduler Overwrites Package Property Information
Q122569    APPCTL Err Msg: Failed to Connect to SMS Network Server...
Q124029    No Site-Based Mapping for Single-Domain-Multiple-Site Clients
Q124082    Remote Control Causes GP Fault on Windows 95 Client
Q124875    SMS: Spell Checker for Shared Version of Word Does Not Work
Q125370    DBCLEAN Merge Machines Creates Duplicate Records
Q125387    SMS Inventory on Serial Mouse Hardware Takes a Long Time
Q125596    PGC Status Dialog Displayed Under Windows 95 Taskbar
Q125597    SMS Help File (SM32.HLP) Not Installed on Windows 95 Client
Q125599    Err Msg: Cannot Find SMSROUTR.VXD in SYSTEM.INI
Q125601    Err Msg: "Could Not Open the Application Database" as PGC Starts
Q125652    Incorrect NIC ID Attribute Info Adding NetWare Server to Site
Q125751    AUDIT16.EXE Fails on OS/2 Client Computers
Q126243    PGC Creates Duplicate Items on Windows 95 Taskbar
Q126413    Empty Program Groups Created on 16-bit Windows Clients
Q126564    PGC Does Not Remove Shared Program Groups When Un-installed
Q126580    SMS Windows 95 Client UNC Connections Not Dropped
Q126612    OS/2 Inventory Does Not Write LastLoggedUser Entry into SMS.INI
Q126715    INVDOS Does Not Detect NEC 3x CDROM drives
Q128064    Data Loader Fails to Recover Partial Inventory Transfer
Q128092    Data Loader Reads Many Unneeded Rows Causing Network Traffic
Q128093    SMS Client Setup Does Not Install Windows 95 Apps at Start Up
Q128094    MSTEST Subdirectories Not Copied to Logon Server
Q128095    SMS Setup Does Not Update PlatformFlags Table in the Database
Q128143    Bad .RAW File Hangs Inventory Processor
Q128428    Err Msg on MIPS computer: "Can't find smssu16.dll"
Q128449    Windows 95 /L1 Switch in USERTSR /L1 and WUSER /L1 Do Not Work
Q128450    File Transfer Slave Dialog Box Only Displays Bottom of Chars.
Q128451    INVDOS: SMSSAFE.TMP is Deleted upon Creation
Q128452    INVDOS Fails to Write *.TMP File to \INVENTRY.BOX
Q128458    SMS Despooler Does Not Support Forced Installation and Upgrade
Q128792    Dataloader Fails Binary Dump when There are SQL Problems
Q133387    SETLS16 Fails to Enumerate a Domain Using SMSLS.INI
Q134331    Incorrect DOS Version Error When Using MS-DOS 6.22 PDF
Q136032    Systems Management Server Sender Packet Size Computation
Q137305    SMS Remote Control: Unavailable Controls Have Blue Backgrounds
Q137358    Client Upgrade from U.S. to German SMS needs Repeated Upgrade
Q137678    SMS Service Pack 1 Does Not Update Administrator Tools
Q137793    INVDOS Not Detecting NEC 3x CD-ROM on Computer Running MS-DOS
Q137989    Error Opening File on SMS Client During Inventory
Q138465    Dataloader Fails to Add Binary Inventory to DB from New Child
Q140330    Cannot Remote Control if Client Computer Name is in Lower Case
Q140801    German Office Pro 4.3c PDF and STF Files are Missing
Q140803    Dataloader Causes GP Fault on SQL Server Error
Q140804    Dataloader Fails to Log an Error when a Binary Dump Fails
Q140805    Dataloader Logs "inventory sent" after Failure of Cycle
Q140806    Dataloader Fails to Release Memory Allocation for Binary Dump
Q140807    Dataloader Fails to Restart a Failed Binary Dump
Q140808    German PDF File for Office 4.2a Detects Office 4.2c
Q140809    FAQ.HLP Help File: Error in Steps to Deploy Windows 95
Q140810    Job Status MIF with \" is Not Loaded in the Database
Q140811    User Interface Takes 1 Minute to Display Job Details
Q140812    File Date Stamps in AUDIT.RUL Do Not Match Actual Date Stamps
Q140813    Windows Fails w/ Black Screen After Upgrade from SMS 1.0 to 1.1
Q140819    Systems Management Server is Unable to Get Global Groups
Q140856    SMS Client DEINSTAL.BAT Fails on Windows 95 w/out Full Shutdown
Q140915    XNF List Box Only Shows 2 Entries
Q140917    SMS Sender Sets Enormous Estimated Bandwidth in Registry
Q140918    SMS INVDOS Does Not Report IPX Address on IPX and TCP/IP Client
Q140919    INVDOS Reports an Intel Processor Running at 50Mhz as 66Mhz
Q140920    SMS ErrMsg: Package Command Manger Is Unable to Install...
Q140921    SMS Win95 Client w/ Office Shortcut Bar GPFs on Remote Control
Q140923    SMS Windows NT Client Terminates Due to Heap Error
Q140924    SMS Senders Stops if Estimated Bandwidth is Set to a High Value
Q140925    SMS Setup Doesn't Run on Windows NT v. 3.5 w/ Service Pack 3
Q140926    L2GETNET Doesn't Report IP Address of German Windows 95 Client
Q140927    L2GETNET Causes Access Violation Error on Windows 95 Clients
Q140928    WINST Files Corrupted, Contain Previously Canceled Job Requests
Q141192    Mandatory After Date Not Updated For Repeated Jobs
Q143174    WSLAVELM.EXE (or WSLAVEIPX.EXE) Times Out After 20 Seconds
Q146007    Ndis 3.1 Driver Appears for Windows 95 Netcard Manufacturer
Q147636    SMS Remote Control Does Not Pass Through Some Keys
Q148983    InvDos Reports Only 16 Environment Strings
Q149494    SMS Inventory Has a Limit of 16 Environment Variables
Q149495    Remote Control Stops with Lowercase Computer Name
Q149497    SMS Does Not Correctly Identify New Pentium Processor Speeds
Q149960    Macs Unable to Connect to PCM Server in Zones with Long Names
Q149971    Network in Workstation Properties Displays Multiple Rows
Q150032    Shared Application Still Running Error After Logoff
Q150078    MIFWIN Does Not Open Form Specified
Q151223    Network Applications Database (NAD) Share Point Corruption
Q152204    DBCLEAN Fix for MIF Backup to Add Date Related Field
Q152308    Remote Control Causes GPF on Windows 3.11 Clients
Q153087    Scheduler Takes a Long Time To Activate Jobs
Q153153    Error Message: "SMS.EXE - Application Error"
Q153243    Audit16 Stops on OS/2 Client with a System Error: 3176
Q153244    INVWIN32 Causes GPF When Run from MS-DOS Window
Q153245    Remote Transfer Does Not Show Last Drive
Q153246    Sms.exe Fails to Start When Attaching Sites
Q153247    Despooler Uses More Bytes After Move to a Helper Server
Q153248    WinWord 2.0c GPF When Opening File Using Remote Control
Q153249    WIN16 to Windows NT Upgrade Fails w/ Long Server Name
Q153259    International Client Displays English Error Messages
Q153302    Error Reading Site Control File from Parent Site
Q153303    Deinstal.bat Does Not Always Set Setup Phase to Deinstal
Q153304    USERTSR and USERIPX Options in Documentation Incorrect
Q153531    Quick Viewer Resizes Incorrectly During Remote Control
Q153532    Hierarchy Manager Floods Log with Errors
Q153533    Scheduler Cannot Cancel Job
Q153539    16-bit PGC: Appstart GPFs When WFW is Low on Environment Space
Q153540    DBClean Only Merges One Computer at a Time
Q153584    SMS: Data Loader Uses UPDATE STATISTICS Command Multiple Times
Q153656    Shared Applications and Drive Mapping Problems
Q153657    SMS: Event ID 316 Reports Incorrect Site Code
Q153659    SMS: Administrator UI GP Faults During Remote Control Session
Q153660    SMS Administrator Loses Remote Control of IPX Clients
Q153661    Remote Control of Windows Clients Displays Video Corruption
Q153662    SMS: Internet Explorer GP Faults When Being Remote Controlled
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