How to add custom performance counters in AVIcode 5.7

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In AVIcode Intercept Studio 5.7, the Intercept Agent collects a number of performance counters for monitored applications by default. In addition to these default counters, Intercept Management Console includes a predefined list of counters you can add to application monitoring through the user interface.

To add predefined counters, open Application Properties in the Intercept Management Console, click the Performance Counters tab and then click Advanced. The Add button opens a dialog with the list of predefined counters.

If you are interested in a performance counter that is not in the predefined list, you can make those available by editing the XML configuration files. This article describes the steps for doing this. 


To add custom performance counters for an agent, use the following steps to edit the PerfCounterMonitor.config file:
  1. Close all instances of Intercept Management Console.
  2. Open the Standard folder in the Intercept Agent installation directory. The following is the default path:

    C:\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\Agent\v5.7.491\Configuration\Standard
  3. In the Standard folder, create a copy of PerfCounterMonitor.config as a backup.
  4. Open PerfCounterMonitor.config in Notepad and scroll to the bottom of the counterDefinitions section.
  5. Add a blank line at the end of the list and optionally add an XML comment as a separator, such as the following:

    <!--Custom Counters-->
  6. Copy one of the existing counter definitions and paste it to the next line, such as the following:

    <ss:counterDefinition id="1349" object="Windows Workflow Foundation" name="Workflows Pending" edit="true" measure="no suffix"/>
  7. Change the ID of the pasted counter definition to 2000:

    <ss:counterDefinition id="2000" object="Windows Workflow Foundation" name="Workflows Pending" edit="true" measure="no suffix"/>
  8. Change the object and name attributes to match the object and counter you want to monitor.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for each counter you want to add. Make sure each ID is unique.
  10. Save the changes and close the file.
  11. Reopen the Intercept Management Console.
  12. Right-click the Applications folder and click Properties.
  13. Click the Performance Counters tab and then click Advanced.
  14. Click Add and confirm that the new counters are available.
  15. Add the desired counters.
  16. Restart Intercept Service after you apply configuration changes.
If you are running AVIcode Advisor, you have to edit the SEViewer.config file to make sure the transfer procedure includes custom counters. Use the following steps to edit the SEViewer.config file:

  1. On the SE-Viewer server, open the SE-Viewer installation directory.

    Default path on 32-bit operating systems: C:\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\SEViewer

    Default path on 64-bit operating systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\AVIcode\Intercept\SEViewer
  2. Create a copy of SEViewer.config as a backup.
  3. Open SEViewer.config in Notepad and find the Aggregation task in the reportingOperations element.
  4. Add custom counters to the perfcounterSet element. Follow the format of existing counters and use the comment section above perfcounterSet for reference on how to set the TYPE, INSTANCEFUNC and DATEFUNC attributes.
  5. Save changes and close the configuration file.

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