Computer Manufacturers' Contact Information - Q

List of computer manufacturer's contact information:

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Company NameWebsitePhoneEmail/Chat/Web Support
Q+E/Intersolve (see Serena Software)   
QIC Research Inc. 863-5000 
Qlogic 932-4040Send email
QMS (see Konica Minolta)   
Quadrant Components 656-9988See website
Qualcomm 587-1121See website
Quality Micro Systems (See Konica Minolta)    
Qualstar Corp. 444-1744See website
Quant Systems (see Hawkes Learning Systems)   
Quantum 249-5700See website
Quantum Energy Services and Technologies 540-7200Send email
Quark Inc. websiteSee website
Quarterdeck (See Symantec)    
Qumax Corp. 413-9018Send email
Quote Components BV  
Last Review : April 23, 2012