Software Assurance - Extending the Value of Your IT Investment

Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance and basic support offering providing a broad range of benefits to help you gain the most value from your Microsoft technology. Newly enhanced support services, deployment assistance, training tools and the latest technology are just a few of the ways Software Assurance can help minimize licensing costs and improve your business productivity. This new improved coverage includes:

Extended 24x7 support availability: Includes business hours for all severities as well as after-hours support for business-critical issues.

Expanded product support coverage: Support is available on all Microsoft server, Windows and Office System products* and editions even if the specific license requiring support does not have software assurance coverage.

Unlimited online support: Web support for all server products* covered by Software Assurance during business hours.

Easier support redemption: Customers are no longer required to track SA coverage by licenses and an unlimited number of contacts can use phone support.

Seamless awards conversion: You have the option to convert Software Assurance Problem Resolution Support to Premier or Essential Support for a higher level of support with faster response and managed incident escalation.

* Any product that is in the mainstream phase of the product lifecycle and is eligible for SA Benefits, except Developer tools and Developer editions of all server and Home and Entertainment products.

If you are a Software Assurance customer, visit the Software Assurance Support site to receive assistance with your product issues.

How to Buy Software Assurance

For more information about how to buy Software Assurance, contact your Microsoft Services representative or visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing Web site.

Converting Software Assurance to Premier Support

Your organization’s investment in Software Assurance determines the amount of phone support incidents you are eligible to submit. Your account manager can help you calculate this number. Following are some guidelines for converting your Software Assurance awarded incidents to Premier Support Problem Resolution incidents:

• You can convert your Software Assurance phone incidents to Premier or Essential Problem Resolution Support.

• Once those incidents are converted, they become Premier or Essential incidents and use of those incidents are governed by the existing business rules in the customer’s Premier or Essential support contract.

• If you want to convert more Software Assurance Awards than your Premier or Essential contract allows, you must purchase additional Support Account Management (SAM) hours.

• After converting, total problem resolution support incidents or hours may not exceed 50% of total Premier contract hours.

For more information about converting Software Assurance to Premier Support, visit the Microsoft Services Premier Support Web site.

SA incidents can be exchanged for Premier or Essential Problem Resolution Services (PRS)

• Incidents are converted on a 1-for-1 basis: 1 SA incident gets 1 Premier incident.

• Hours are converted as follows: (number of SA incidents) x (local list price for Premier incident) / (local list price for Premier hour) = (number of Premier hours)

• For example, 5 U.S. SA incidents would equate to: (5) x ($830) / ($188) = (22 hours)

• SA incidents can only be converted to PRS hours or incidents (no conversions to proactive support hours allowed).

• You can use the SA transfer process to add to your Alliance Support (aka ASE, or "Support Consulting") in your contracts.

For more information about Software Assurance, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing Web site. For more information about using the Software Assurance Support benefit with Premier, contact your Microsoft Services representative.

For more information about Premier Support, visit the Microsoft Services Premier Support Web site.

Self-Help Support Options

Many issues may be resolved quickly through self-help support options. Visit a Microsoft Community and ask your peers a question, or visit one of the Professional Online Support Web sites to find an answer on your own.

Microsoft Community Resources
For computer professionals who want to interact and share information to stay current on a variety of Microsoft technologies. Find experts on various topics!

Professional Online Support Web Sites
For computer professionals in all kinds of organizations. These sites can help you find self-help information specifically developed and customized for computer professionals.

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Last Review : September 10, 2013