Customer Service: Report Abuse
If you have encountered scams, obscene material, aggressive behavior, theft of your account or identity, or other similar incidents while using Microsoft services, here is how to report it. We will take your report very seriously, investigate accordingly, and take appropriate action.
To report abuse

Please describe the incident in detail?the more information you can give, the better.
  • Include any information that can help us investigate?for example, a link to the Web site where the problem occurred, or the name, user name, or e-mail address of the person you?re reporting.

  • If you are reporting problems that you have experienced in e-mail, please include e-mail header information (data that our technical experts require to investigate), if it is available. Find out how to do it.
  • Hotmail abuse

  • MSN TV abuse

  • MSN abuse

  • Microsoft newsgroup abuse

  • For all other reports of abuse, please give the details in the space directly below.
  • (To make sure the reply from Microsoft gets through your e-mail filters, you may need to adjust them. Find out how.)