Microsoft Word Has Encountered an Error and Needs to Close

This error message appears when parameters are passed between programs and the windows operating system. An invalid parameter may cause a program to run invalid instructions, which results in an invalid page fault. An invalid instruction can occur in any of the following situations:

  • An unexpected event has occurred and often indicates that a program improperly attempted to use RAM that is not allocated to that program. When this behavior occurs, the program can potentially overwrite and corrupt other program code in that area of memory.
  • A program has requested data that is not currently in virtual memory and when Windows attempts to retrieve the data from a storage device and load it into RAM it cannot locate the data.
  • If the virtual memory becomes unstable due to a shortage of physical memory (RAM)
  • If the virtual memory becomes unstable due to a shortage of free disk space
  • If the virtual memory area is damaged by a program
  • If a program attempts to access data that is being modified by another running program.
In Word 2002, these errors can occur for many different reasons. A sample of the most often causes of this error are:

  • Third Party add-ins not designed for Word 2002
  • Corrupt drivers for your video or printer
  • Problems with Kernel32.dll
  • Object Linking and Embedding Environment is corrupted
In earlier versions of Word, errors such as these caused you to lose your work and close Word without any recourse. In Word 2002, you can now report these errors to Microsoft and if a workaround or fix is available, a link is given to you to follow for further instructions. In addition, your file is retained so you can recover from the error when it occurred. The error report also gives you an error signature which specifies what component caused the error.

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Last Review : March 1, 2012