Support for Microsoft Silverlight

Help and support for Microsoft Silverlight. Links to customer and technical service, community support, and developer resources.

Support options and resources

Self-support options

Microsoft Silverlight home page
Visit the Silverlight home page to download the latest version, to learn more about Silverlight, to read case studies, to get started building Silverlight applications.

Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB)
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) for technical solutions to common break-fix issues.

Get the latest service packs, updates and more
Visit the Download Center to find the latest services packs, updates, trials and drivers.

Self-support options for work

Developers: Silverlight Developer Center on MSDN
Visit the MSDN Silverlight Developer Center for useful resources such as Silverlight blogs and forums.

Developers: Expression Studio Home Page
Visit the Microsoft Expression home page for details, solutions and resources for building rich Silverlight experiences.

Community resources

Microsoft Silverlight community blog
Visit the Official Microsoft Silverlight community blog.

Microsoft Silverlight.NET home page
Visit the community resource for developers desiring to learn more about the Sileverlight platform.

Silverlight.NET forums
Search the forums for information on the latest release, installation and setup and more.

Technical support options

You may be entitled to free warranty support from your OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
Visit our OEM contact page to learn how to tell whether your installation is OEM and to browse contact information for many OEMs. If your Microsoft product was preinstalled, distributed with your computer, or obtained as an upgrade directly from your computer manufacturer, the primary source for support is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who provided the Microsoft product.

Get Microsoft technical support
To contact a Microsoft Support Professional, click on the product and version below that is applicable to you. We’ll ask you a few questions to help us determine what your support options are. The support options may include email, on-line submission or phone support.

Get non-technical or customer service assistance
For general inquiries about Microsoft products and services visit our Contact Us page.

Technical support options for work

IT Pros: Contact a Microsoft Support Professional using your TechNet Subscription
As a TechNet Plus subscriber, you are entitled to receive two (2) complimentary incidents and a 20 percent discount on any additional phone incidents you purchase. Learn more.

Developers: Contact a Microsoft Support Professional using your MSDN Subscription
As an MSDN Subscriber, you may be entitled to receive up to four (4) technical support incidents depending on your subscription level. These support incidents can be used to resolve technical break-fix issues in a non-production environment and are the equivalent of paid Professional Support incidents. You can use a technical support incident to find a solution to a production issue if you can replicate that issue in a non-production environment. Learn more.

Microsoft Premier Customers: Visit the Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) site
Enterprise customers with a Premier account can visit Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) for troubleshooting information or to open a support incident with a Microsoft support professional.

Microsoft Partners: Visit the Microsoft Partner Network
Microsoft Partners can access unlimited online support via the Microsoft Partner Network.

To learn more about related products or topics, click on a solution center listed below.

Support lifecycle

Learn more about Microsoft Silverlight support lifecycle

Support Lifecycle policy page
Visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy page to view Microsoft’s guidelines for product support from availability to end of product lifecycle.

Microsoft Silverlight support lifecycle policies
View the support lifecycle policy information for Microsoft Silverlight.

View support lifecycle information

Microsoft Silverlight support lifecycle policy frequently asked questions
View the accompanying FAQs for the Microsoft Silverlight lifecycle policies.

Last Review : October 2, 2013