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Using Windows Vista

Windows Vista Help & how to
Visit the Windows Vista Help & how to center to learn about how to get all you can out of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista features
Explore the features to find out what you can do with Windows Vista.

Getting started with Windows Vista
Start with these basic tasks, then learn more.

Migrating to Windows 7

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
To see if your PC is ready for Windows 7, download and run the free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

Upgrade to Windows 8 today
Get Windows 8 today and be more secure.

Upgrade to Windows 8 using Upgrade Assistant
Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant scans your current PC to see if it is ready for Windows 8 and then provides a compatibility report.

Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7
Learn how to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 and keep your files, settings, and programs in place.

Upgrading to Windows 7: frequently asked questions
Get answers to questions about upgrading to Windows 7, including what the differences are between the upgrade version and the full version of Windows 7.

Where are my files and folders after upgrading from Windows XP or Windows Vista?
Learn how to find your files and folders after upgrading, including accessing the Windows.old folder.

Support lifecycle

Learn more about Windows Vista support lifecycle

Support Lifecycle policy page
Visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy page to view Microsoft’s guidelines for product support from availability to end of product lifecycle.

Windows Vista support lifecycle policies
View the support lifecycle policy information for the Windows Vista family of products.

View support lifecycle information

Windows lifecycle fact sheet
View important lifecycle dates and information for the Windows products.

Support is ending for some versions of Windows
Learn how to check what version and service pack you are running.

Last Review : 20 November 2012