Support for SharePoint Workspace 2010 and Groove 2010 and 2007

Help and support for Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, Groove and Groove Server. Links to customer service, technical solutions & answers to top issues.

Key Resources

Key Resources

Getting started with Sharepoint Workspace 2010
If you know Groove 2007 or have never used SharePoint Workspace 2010 before, explore these resources to begin learning how to use the latest version.

Groove Server 2010 TechCenter on TechNet
TechCenters are dedicated to helping you troubleshoot, plan, deploy and maintain Microsoft products and technologies. TechCenters contain timely and relevant knowledge base articles, downloads, evaluations, software, videos, hints/tips, white papers, communities, and much more.

Groove Office Online Page
Find product information, trial software, purchasing options, help and how-to articles, and more.

Groove Server 2007 TechNet Resources
"Find product information, trial software, help and how-to articles, and more."

Groove Developer Center on MSDN
MSDN Developer Centers and Resource Centers pull together content and resources around specific products and technologies. They connect you to code samples, community sites, technical articles and documentation, upcoming events, and much more.

Install and Configure Groove Server 2010 Manager
This topic provides procedures for deploying Microsoft Groove Server 2010 Manager.

IT Professionals: Visit the Update Center for Microsoft Office, Office Servers, and Related Products
Find and manage updates in one place for Office, Forms Server, Groove Server, PerformancePoint Server, Project Portfolio Server, Project Server, Search Server, SharePoint Server, and Windows SharePoint Services.

Top Solutions

Product Activation Solution Center
Visit the Product Activation Solution Center for answers to common questions and links to helpful resources.

Using the Office Ribbon
This page teaches you more about the Office ribbon.


Self-Support Options

Search the Knowledgebase for Sharepoint Workspace

Office Online Help and how to for Sharepoint Workspace
See the benefits of Sharepoint Workspace, learn more and see what's new.

Search the Knowledgebase for Groove 2007
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for technical solutions to common break-fix issues.

Help and how to for Groove
Quick access to the TechNet resources for Groove.

Ask the Community

Ask the Community: Post a question in the MicrosoftSharepoint forums on TechNet

Ask the Community: Post a question in the Microsoft Groove forums on TechNet
Experts are on hand to help. Most questions answered in 24 hours or less.

"The Weekly Groove" Product Group Blog
Information from the Support Team for SharePoint Workspace and Groove

"All the Groovey news that fits" Product Group blog
More from the product group on Groove and Sharepoint Workspace.

Assisted Support

Paid Support Options

To contact a Microsoft Support Professional via e-mail, on-line submission or phone click on the product and version below that is applicable to you. We’ll ask you a few questions in order to serve you efficiently.Contact a Microsoft Support Professional by email, chat, or phone.

       Groove Server and Office 2010

       Groove Server 2010
       SharePoint Workspace 2010
       Office Word Home and Student 2010
       Office Standard 2010
       Office Starter 2010
       Office Professional 2010
       Office Professional Plus 2010
       Office Professional Academic 2010
       Office Home and Student 2010
       Office Home and Business 2010

       Groove 2007 and Office 2007

       Groove 2007
       Groove Server 2007
       Office Word 2007 – Home and Student version
       Office Standard 2007
       Office Basic 2007
       Office Professional 2007
       Office Ultimate 2007
       Office Home and Student 2007
       Office Enterprise 2007
       Office Professional Plus 2007
       Office Small Business 2007

Contract Incident Support

Contact a Microsoft Support Professional using your TechNet Subscription
As a TechNet Plus subscriber, you are entitled to receive two (2) complimentary incidents and a 20 percent discount on any additional phone incidents you purchase. Learn more.

Contact a Microsoft Support Professional using your MSDN Subscription
As an MSDN Subscriber, you may be entitled to receive up to four (4) technical support incidents depending on your subscription level. Learn more.

Microsoft Premier Customers
Enterprise customers with a premier account can visit Microsoft Premier Online for troubleshooting information or to open a support incident with a Microsoft support professional.

Microsoft Partners: Visit the Microsoft Partner Network
Microsoft Partners can access unlimited online support via the Microsoft Partner Network.

Microsoft Software Assurance
Get volume licensing and additional benefits with the Microsoft Software Assurance program.

Microsoft Pinpoint
Connect with thousands of Microsoft Certified companies to find products and services.

Customer Service

If you have a non-technical question, the following Customer Service resources are available:

Product Sales and licensing
Visit the Sales & Licensing Solution Center for answers to common questions and links to helpful resources.

Replacements, refunds and rebates
Visit the Replacements, refunds and rebates Solution Center for answers to common questions and links to helpful resources.

Contact a Customer Service Representative
Get assistance with your non-technical question. Contact Microsoft Customer Service via Chat or e-mail.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Virus and Security Solution Center
Visit the Virus & Security Solution Center for answers to common questions and links to helpful resources.

Change your security settings through the Trust Center
The Trust Center is where you can find security and privacy settings for the 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. The Very High, High, Medium, and Low security levels that were used in earlier versions of Office are now replaced with a more streamlined security system.

Microsoft Security Center
For the latest in computer security.

Learn about privacy options for Office 2010 programs
This article describes the privacy options for features that you might want to use, depending on which Microsoft Office 2010 program that you are using.

Learn about privacy options for Office 2007 programs
This article describes the privacy options for features that you might want to use.

Support Lifecycle

View Support Lifecycle Information

Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle Policy page
Visit the Support Lifecycle Policy page to view Microsoft’s guidelines for product support from availability to end of product lifecycle.

Office Support Lifecycle Policies 

To view Support Lifecycle information for a specific version of Microsoft Office, select the product and version below that is applicable to you.

       Groove Server 2010

       Groove Server 2010

       Office Groove 2007

       Office Groove 2007

       Office 2010

       Office 2010 (all editions)

       Office 2007

       Office 2007

       Groove Virtual Office 3.1

       Groove Virtual Office 3.1 and related products and services

       Older Versions

       View the Support Lifecycle Index

Last Review : March 15, 2013