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Help and support for Windows Embedded: Getting started, top solutions, downloads, updates and how to contact Microsoft.

Key resouces

Key resouces

Windows Embedded product home page
Get information on the Windows Embedded family of operating systems for developers and IT Professionals.

Choosing the right Windows Embedded operating system
Use this tool to determine which Windows Embedded product(s) is best suited to your embedded development needs.

Meet the Windows Embedded family of products

What is Windows Embedded?
Learn more about Windows Embedded, a family of operating systems that offer familiar tools and technologies for developers to quickly bring the next generation of devices to market.

Windows Embedded Server
Used to build a wide variety of server solutions including Medical imaging, security and surveillance, industrial automation and telecommunications.

Windows Embedded Compact and CE
Learn more about for developing small-footprint devices with a componentized, real-time operating system, such as mobile and real-time devices.

Windows Embedded Standard 7
A fully componentized version of Windows 7 that allows developer to build advanced commercial and consumer devices.

Windows Embedded Automotive 7
A standardized software platform for developing in-vehicle communication, entertainment, and service enabled location based solutions.

Windows Embedded POSReady
A flexible operating system optimized for the retail industry, with built-in networking capabilities and standards-based plug-and-play support.

Windows Embedded Handheld
A standard software platform based on Windows Phone 6.5 designed to meet the mobile computing needs of businesses in a number of segments.

Windows Embedded Enterprise
Fully functional versions of Microsoft’s Windows desktop operating system.

Windows Embedded NavReady
An operating system and set of development tools that allows you to build handheld portable navigation devices (PNDs.)

Getting started

Getting Started with Windows Embedded

Free Windows Embedded trial download
Download a trial version of Windows Embedded and start developing your device today!

Windows Embedded
Learn more about the Windows Embedded product family.

Students and Educators

Windows Embedded for professors
As an academic faculty member, you have access to the Windows Embedded academic curriculum offering, available in five languages.

Windows Embedded for students
As a student, you can participate in a variety of programs that will offer you the opportunity to apply your imagination, passion and creativity to learning, such as the Imagine Cup.


Windows Embedded development community
Join the Windows Embedded developer community. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge on everything from getting started to deep technical information.

Hobbyist kit: SPARK
The embeddedSPARK is a collection of Windows Embedded software for hobbyists.

Board Support Packages
An extensive list of Board Support Packages (BSPs) supported on Windows Embedded CE.

Find supported device drivers
Review the list of device drivers supported on Windows Embedded CE from Microsoft, Windows Embedded Partners and third party manufacturers.

Supported processors
Processors that are listed on this page have been validated to support Windows Embedded CE.

Support options

Self-support options

Windows Embedded
Visit our product pages for information on Windows Embedded.

Windows Embedded communities

Windows Embedded CE Center

Windows Embedded CE Community

Windows Embedded Standard Center

Windows Embedded Standard Community

Windows Embedded Enterprise Center

Windows Embedded POSReady

Windows Embedded NAVReady Center

Assisted support

Windows Embedded partners
Find a Windows Embedded partner to help bring your product to market.

Windows Embedded support
Learn about the Window Embedded support options available to you.

Last Review : March 15, 2013