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Microsoft provides support on the current service pack, and in some cases the immediately preceding service pack, for the products listed below. See the Lifecycle Support Policy FAQ for details on the Service Pack Support Policy. If you have any questions regarding support for a product, please contact your Microsoft representative. If you need technical support, visit the Contact Microsoft Web site.

The information on this page is subject to the Microsoft Policy Disclaimer and Change Notice. Return to this site periodically to review any such changes.

Products ReleasedLifecycle Start DateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End DateService Pack Support End DateNotes
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer11/6/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise11/7/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express11/11/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services11/22/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 13/31/2009Not ApplicableNot Applicable10/11/2011
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 29/24/2010Not ApplicableNot Applicable10/9/2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 310/6/2011Not ApplicableNot Applicable10/13/2015
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 49/30/2014Review NoteReview NoteSupport ends 12 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. For more information, please see the service pack policy at
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard11/6/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition for Small Business11/6/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web11/6/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup11/6/20087/8/20147/9/20194/13/2010