ID c?a bi: 970826 - Xem s?n ph?m m bi ny p d?ng vo.
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Hin tng 1

Khi ban nhp mt t sai chinh ta vao Microsoft Office Word 2010, b kim tra chinh ta khng gn c t o.

Hin tng 2

Khi ban bm nut Chinh ta & Ng phap trong nhom Soat li trn tab Xem lai trong Word 2010, mt trong cac thng bao sau se hin thi:
  • Kim tra chinh ta va ng phap a hoan tt.
  • Cng cu Soat li khng c cai t cho ngn ng mc inh, hay th cai t lai cng cu soat li.
Hin tng nay co xay ra trong phin ban Microsoft Word khac khng?

? xem thng tin v? cch x? l? s? c? ny trong m?t phin b?n khc c?a Microsoft Word, h?y nh?p vo s? bi vi?t sau y ? xem bi vi?t trong Microsoft Knowledge Base:
2662392 B? ki?m tra chnh t? khng g?n c? cho nh?ng t? sai chnh t? trong Word 2007

Nguyn nhn

S c nay co th xay ra vi bt ky ly do nao trong s vai ly do sau y:
  • Cng cu soat li khng c cai t.
  • Trinh b sung Speller EN-US bi tt.
  • Hp kim Khng kim tra chinh ta hoc ng phapc chon.
  • Ngn ng khac c t la mc inh.
  • Muc sau y hin co trong s ng ky:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\ProofingTools\1.0\Override\en-US

Giai phap

Chung ti khuyn ban nn lam theo cac phng phap c cung cp trong bai vit nay theo th t. Tuy nhin, nu ban a th mt trong s cac phng phap x? l? s? c ny va khng thanh cng, ban co th nhanh chong chuyn sang phng phap khac t danh sach nay:

Phng phap 1: Cai t cng cu soat li

  1. Thoat tt ca cac chng trinh.
  2. Bm Bt u, ri bm Pa-nen iu khin.
  3. Trong Windows Vista, bm up vaoChng trinh va Tinh nng. Trong cc phin b?n tr?c c?a Windows, b?m p vo Thm/Loai bo Chng trinh.
    Trong Windows 7, d?i Chng tr?nh, b?m D ci t chng trinh.
  4. Bm Microsoft Office Edition, sau o bm Thay i.

    Chu y Trong bc nay va bc tip theo, trinh gi chޠPhin ban th hin phin ban Microsoft Office c cai t trn may tinh.
  5. Trong hp thoai Microsoft Office Edition , bmThm hoc Loai bo Tinh nng, sau o bm Tip tuc.
  6. M rng Tinh nng Chia se cua Office, bm vao biu tng bn trai cua Cng cu Soat li, sau o bm Chay tt ca t May tinh cua ti.

Phng phap 2: Bt trinh b sung Speller EN-US

  1. Bm tab Chung ri bm Tuy chon.
  2. bn trai, bm Trinh b sung.
  3. ? cu?i h?p tho?i Ty ch?n Word , trong ph?n Quan ly, h?y ch?n m?i tn th? xu?ng v thay ?i l?a ch?n t? Phn b tr COM sang Muc bi v hiu, v sau b?m vo i.
  4. Trong hp thoai Cac muc bi v hiu hoa , kim tra xem B soat chinh ta ting Anh-My (nlsdata0009.dll) co sn co trong Chon nhng muc ban mun cho phep lai khng.
  5. Nu Speller EN-US (nlsdata0009.dll) c lit k, hay bm vao o, sau o bmBt.
  6. Bm ong thoat khoi Cac muc bi v hiu hoa va bm OK thoat khoi Tuy chon Word.

Phng phap 3: Bt Soat Chinh ta khi ban go

  1. Bm vao tab Tp ri chon Tuy chon.
  2. Trong hp thoai Tuy chon Word. chon Soat li.
  3. am bao Kim tra chinh ta khi ban go c bt trong muc Khi sa li chinh ta va ng phap trong Word .
  4. am bao cac hp kim trong muc Ngoai tr c bo chon.
  5. Bm OK lu va thoat khoi Tuy chon Word.

Phng phap 4: Chon ngn ng mong mun va bo chon hp kim "Khng soat chinh ta hoc ng phap"

  1. Chon toan b tai liu Word.
  2. Trn tab Xem lai, bm Ngn ng ri bm Soat li Ngn ng.
  3. Bm vao ngn ng ma ban mun va bm OK.
  4. Nu co du kim bn canh hp kim Khng soat chinh ta hoc ng phap, bm bo chon hp kim.
Thu g?n h?nh ?nh nyBung r?ng h?nh ?nh ny

Phng phap 5: S? d?ng Fix it (Kh?c ph?c s? c?) ? s?a ?i s ng ky

Quan trong Bi vi?t ny ch?a thng tin v? cch s?a ?i s? ng k?. Hay chc chn sao lu s ng ky trc khi ban sa i no. Hay chc chn rng ban bit cach khi phuc s ng ky nu s c xay ra. bit thm thng tin v cach sao lu, phuc hi, va sa i s ng ky, hay bm lin k?t sau y xem bai vit trong Windows Online: yu cu chung ti loai bo khoa ng ky lin quan khoi s ng ky cho ban, hay i ti phn "Khc phuc s c cho ti". Nu ban mun t minh khc phuc s c nay, hay i ti phn " ti t khc phuc s c".

Khc phuc s c giup ti

khc phuc s c nay t ng, hay bm nut hoc lin kt Khc phuc s c. B?m Ch?y trong h?p tho?i T?p T?i xu?ng r?i th?c hi?n theo cc b?c trong thu?t s? Kh?c ph?c s? c?.

Khc phuc s c nay
Microsoft Fix it 50546

Chu y
  • Thut sy nay co th chi co bng ting Anh. Tuy nhin, ban va t? ?ng c?ng s? ho?t ?ng ?i v?i cc phin b?n ngn ng? khc c?a Windows.
  • Nu ban hin khng lam vic vi may tinh xay ra s c, hay lu giai phap Khc phuc S c nay vao mt ia flash hoc vao mt CD ri sau o chay trn may tinh co s c.

Sau o, i ti phn "Phng phap nay co khc phuc c s c khng?".

ti t khc phuc s c

t khc phuc s c nay, hay lam theo cac bc sau:
  1. B?m B?t ?u, r?i b?m Chay.
  2. Trong m, go REGEDIT, sau o nhn Enter.
  3. inh vi, sau o bm chut phai vao khoa con ng ky sau:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override
  4. Bm Xoa.
  5. Thoat khoi Registry Editor.
  6. Thoat va sau o khi ng lai Word.

Phng php ny c kh?c ph?c ?c s? c? khng?

  • Ki?m tra xem s? c? ? ?c kh?c ph?c hay cha. N?u s? c? a ?c kh?c ph?c, b?n a hon thnh phn ny. Nu s c cha c khc phuc, ban co th lin h vi B phn h tr.
  • Chng ti nh gi cao ph?n h?i c?a b?n. cung cp phan hi hoc bao cao bt ky s c nao v giai phap nay, hay lai nhn xet trn blog "Khc phuc s c cho ti", hoc gith email cho chung ti.
Note This is a "FAST PUBLISH" article created directly from within the Microsoft support organization. The information contained herein is provided as-is in response to emerging issues. As a result of the speed in making it available, the materials may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. See Terms of Use for other considerations.

Thu?c tnh

ID c?a bi: 970826 - L?n xem xt sau cng: 27 Thang Ging 2012 - Xem xt l?i: 3.0
p d?ng
  • Microsoft Word 2010
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