Explorer.exe ty ch?n d?ng l?nh cho Windows XP

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ID c?a bi: 314853 - Xem s?n ph?m m bi ny p d?ng vo.
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Bi ny li?t k cc ty ch?n d?ng l?nh m b?n c th? s? d?ng v?i Windows Explorer (Explorer.exe).


Cc ty ch?n m b?n c th? s? d?ng v?i Explorer.exe l n, e, root (c?ng v?i m?t ?i t?ng), v / ch?n (c?ng v?i m?t ?i t?ng).
   Option            Function
   /n                Opens a new single-pane window for the default
                     selection. This is usually the root of the drive that
                     Windows is installed on. If the window is already
                     open, a duplicate opens.

   /e                Opens Windows Explorer in its default view.

   /root,<object>    Opens a window view of the specified object.

   /select,<object>  Opens a window view with the specified folder, file,
                     or program selected.

   Example 1: Explorer /select,C:\TestDir\TestProg.exe
              Opens a window view with TestProg selected.

   Example 2: Explorer /e,/root,C:\TestDir\TestProg.exe
              Opens Explorer with drive C expanded and TestProg selected.

   Example 3: Explorer /root,\\TestSvr\TestShare
              Opens a window view of the specified share.

   Example 4: Explorer /root,\\TestSvr\TestShare,select,TestProg.exe
              Opens a window view of the specified share with TestProg selected.

Thu?c tnh

ID c?a bi: 314853 - L?n xem xt sau cng: 27 Thang Chin 2011 - Xem xt l?i: 3.0
p d?ng
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
T? kha:
kbenv kbinfo kbmt KB314853 KbMtvi
My d?ch
QUAN TRONG: Bi vi?t ny ?c d?ch b?ng ph?n m?m d?ch my c?a Microsoft ch? khng ph?i do con ng?i d?ch. Microsoft cung c?p cc bi vi?t do con ng?i d?ch v c? cc bi vi?t do my d?ch ? b?n c th? truy c?p vo t?t c? cc bi vi?t trong C s? Ki?n th?c c?a chng ti b?ng ngn ng? c?a b?n. Tuy nhin, bi vi?t do my d?ch khng ph?i lc no c?ng hon h?o. Lo?i bi vi?t ny c th? ch?a cc sai st v? t? v?ng, c php ho?c ng? php, gi?ng nh m?t ng?i n?c ngoi c th? m?c sai st khi ni ngn ng? c?a b?n. Microsoft khng ch?u trch nhi?m v? b?t k? s? thi?u chnh xc, sai st ho?c thi?t h?i no do vi?c d?ch sai n?i dung ho?c do ho?t ?ng s? d?ng c?a khch hng gy ra. Microsoft c?ng th?ng xuyn c?p nh?t ph?n m?m d?ch my ny.
Nh?p chu?t vo y ? xem b?n ti?ng Anh c?a bi vi?t ny:314853

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