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This article is part 4 of 4 of a categorized listing of article numbers for bugs that were fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in subsequent service packs. For example, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 contains all fixes included in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Click the number that precedes the title of the bug fix to view the article about that bug. For additional listings, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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254500 Screen Saver Does Not Run If the Console Is Locked
260069 Malformed HTR Request Returns Source Code for ASP Scripting Files
261655 Cannot Make an SSL Connection After Exporting and Importing an SSL Certificate
262539 Memory Leak in Lsass.exe with Large Built-in Groups
262979 Cannot Renew Verisign Certificates in IIS 5.0
263603 Incorrect Behavior in Winlogon for First-Time User with"Must Change Password on First Logon" Setting
263743 RasDisable and RasForce WinLogon Policies Can Be Bypassed
265351 Substituted Drives Are Persistent for Users on a Computer
265357 Roaming Profiles Cannot Create Key Containers
266149 WMI Event Trace Does Not Contain CID or Client Computer Name
266433 Patch for Numerous Vulnerabilities in the LPC Port System Calls
266684 "Access Denied" After Unlocking Workstation When Network Is Disconnected
266794 Windows 2000 SNMP Registry Entries Are Saved in Plain Text Format and Are Readable
267556 Auditing Does Not Report Security Event for Resetting Password on Domain Controller
267560 Changing the URL in a Specific Manner May Expose Contents of a File
267843 Windows 2000 Telnet Server Stops Responding After Binary Input
267868 Renaming CD-ROM Drive Creates Admin$ Share to Which Everyone Has Full Permission
268082 DNS SOA Record May Reveal Administrator Account Name
268236 Non-Administrator Cannot Gain Access to Removable Media
268263 SGC Does Not Work When You Use Keys Longer than 1024 Bits
268277 Problems Changing Nested Global Group Scope to Universal Group
268546 Cacls.exe Orders ACEs Incorrectly When Granting Rights
268896 Windows 95/Windows 98 Cannot List Users in Windows 2000 Domain
269012 Resetting SACL Tree May Disable Inheritance
269013 Non-Administrative User Cannot Access Removable Media After NTFS Format
269049 Registry-Invoked Programs Use Standard Search Path
269239 NetBIOS Vulnerability May Cause Duplicate Name on the Network Conflicts
269406 With NTLMv1 on Server, Data Is Not Encrypted When You Set or Add Password in User Manager or Server Manager
269523 Service Control Manager Named Pipe Impersonation Vulnerability
269685 SIDWalker Cannot Handle Wide Character Folder (Object) Name
269731 Domain Controller Contains Invalid Tickets in the Ticket Cache
269835 FPSE: Windows-Based Fixes for Server Extensions SR1.2
270676 Users Might Gain Full Control of a System via the"Simplified Chinese IME State Recognition" Vulnerability
271641 The Configure Your Computer Wizard Sets Blank Recovery Mode Password
271907 Error SC_E_LOGON_DENIED After a Reset of Local Machine Account Password
272303 RPC Server Service Stops Responding
272388 Users Are Not Enrolled in Parent Domain If KMS Is on Child Domain Controller
272472 Runas Command Does Not Work with User Principal Name or Plain User Name
272576 Cannot Add Local Group to ACL When Logged On with a Local Account
272736 Windows 2000 Still Image Service Exposes User Elevation Vulnerability
272743 HTML E-mail Link Transmits User Name and Password to Unauthorized Server
272994 Client Hangs When You Attempt to View Certificate Chain If Certificate Authority Is Not Available
274064 Network Services Can Be Accessed After Account Is Disabled
274149 Cookies Are Not Marked as SSL-Secured in IIS
274359 LmCompatibilityLevel Setting Causes POP3/IMAP User Authentication Not to Work
274372 Patch Released for"Domain Account Lockout" Vulnerability
274835 Buffer Overflow in Network Monitor May Cause Vulnerability
275248 Kerberos Does Not Work After Connecting to Windows NT 4.0 Share When Using Smart Card Logon
275657 IIS 5.0 Fix for Cross-Site Scripting Issues
277873 Patch Available for"Web Server File Request Parsing" Vulnerability
278499 Update Available for Indexing Service Vulnerability
280446 Denial of Service Attack Causes TCP Stack to Consume All the Memory on a Server
280838 Patch Available for"Indexing Service File Enumeration" Vulnerability
286132 Patch Available for Invalid RDP Data Vulnerability
286360 GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Function Causes"ERROR_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN" Error Message
286818 IIS: Malformed URL Can Cause Service Failure in IIS 5.0 and Exchange 2000 Server
288861 LSA Memory Leak Due to SetPassword Call
289176 Denial of Service Can Occur When Temporary Files Use Up Paged Pool Memory
289200 Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL During Shutdown Halts Sequence
289213 Renewal of CA Certificate Resets Security and Policy Settings to Default
291845 Malformed WebDAV Request Can Cause IIS to Exhaust CPU Resources
295080 Terminal Server Client Licensing Information Is Not Encrypted in the Network Packets
295083 Logged-On Users May Not Be Authenticated to Services After KRBTGT Password Change
295087 Error Message Cites STOP 0xc000021a Event and STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED
296576 Unchecked Buffer in ISAPI Extension Could Compromise Internet Information Services 5.0
289243 MS02-001: Forged SID could result in elevated privileges in Windows 2000
296743 Certificate Selection Prompt Appears Only for the First Internet Explorer Window That Opens
296975 Unable to Connect to a Domain Controller by Using LDAP Connection over SSL
296987 AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm() Does Not Generate an Audit


255952 Unable to Contact DHCP Server with RIS Boot Disk
259144 Computer May Hang After Using Sysprep on ACPI-Enabled Computer
259884 UPS Goes into Battery Calibration Mode During a Windows 2000 Installation When UPS Is in Smart Signaling Mode
260319 Sysprep"-pnp" Switch May Not Install Non-Native Signed Drivers
268178 Setupapi.log Entries Appear After Running Update.exe
268256 Incorrect Space Requirements Listed in Readmesp.htm File
270070 Error Message: Windows 2000 Is Installed on a Drive Formatted with the OS/2 File System (HPFS)
271935 Windows 2000 SP1 May Cause Some Menus to Revert to English When Applied on Non-English MUI Configuration
272308 "WINNT32 /CHECKUPGRADEONLY /UNATTEND" Is Not Fully Automated
272378 Error Message When You Use a Multiple-Processor Image on a Single-Processor Computer with Sysprep
275193 SisCreateRestoreStructure and SisFreeRestoreStructure Has Mismatched Alloc/Dealloc
275206 User Must Click 'Finish' to Reboot the Computer When Unattended Installation Is Complete
278011 Legacy-Free Computers Take Longer to Install Windows 2000
282755 Signed Drivers May Appear as Unsigned During Setup
285782 Do Not Uninstall 56-Bit Hotfixes After Installing High Encryption Pack (128-Bit)
289192 System Information Incorrectly Identifies Windows Powered Computers as Running Advanced Server
289215 Version Information in Registry Does Not Reflect Slipstreamed Upgrade to Windows 2000 Server SP1
289228 When You Uninstall IIS, Some Files Are Not Updated by Service Pack 1
295077 FP30reg.dll Is Not Updated When You Upgrade to SP1
296721 Terminal Services Client Is Not Updated When Service Pack 1 Is Installed
296723 Hotfixes That Are Listed in the [SetupHotFixesToRun] Section in the Svcpack.inf File Are Not Installed


257489 No Domains Listed in"Copy to" Dialog Box for Profiles
258948 Cmd.exe Shortcut Does Not Have Same"Run as" Behavior as Command Line
259885 Wang Image Edit Control May Not Work During Copy and Paste Operation
260923 Hungarian Windows 2000 Displays Incorrect Day for Start of Week
263077 Arrow Keys Do Not Work in Windows 2000 HyperTerminal with VT100 Emulation
264061 Home Folder Is Searched First When You Try to Run a Program
265326 Cannot Create File Association for a File That Has No Extension
266040 Taskbar Indicator for StickyKeys Does Not Show Key Status
267874 Adobe Font Driver Causes Text Damage with Multiple Master Fonts
268612 On-Screen Keyboard Slash Key Mapping Does Not Work with Non-U.S. Keyboard Layout
269033 Wallpaper Reverts to Last Bitmap After Daylight Saving Time Ends
269443 Invoking File/Folder Shortcut Menu Disconnects InterDrive Share
269593 "Stop 0x0000001e" in Win32k.sys When You Quit a Program
269680 Heap Corruption with Administrator-Defined CSC Path Using Logical Drive
271075 Spanish Windows 2000 May Show Some Misaligned OEM Information in System Properties
272501 FIX: Cannot Bind to WSC That Is Written in XML from HTTP Server
272502 FIX: VBS FormatCurrency() with Negative Value Asserts on Some Locales
272504 FIX: VBScript GetObject() Fails to Return Rich Error Information
272958 Event ID 4079 When You Synchronize All Offline Files Before Logging Off Policy
273245 Data May Be Damaged When You Use Offline Folders
273632 Access Violation in win32k!DesktopAlloc with Null Heap Pointer
273838 Mobile Synchronization Runs Continuously for Non-Administrator
274261 HyperTerminal Buffer History May Appear Corrupted
274723 FindUserName Returns ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Instead of S_OK
275128 UK Keyboard Layout CTRL+(left)ALT+E Produces Euro Symbol Along with Accented Letter E
275925 Error Message"Stop 0x0000007F" While Retrieving Data from the Clipboard
277562 Error Message"Failed To Carry Out Command" When Attempting to Use CreateLink
278709 Caps Lock May Not Synchronize in a Client Session When You Are Running an MS-DOS-Based Program
279330 Patch Available for New Variant of the"Frame Domain Verification" Vulnerability
279343 "Stop 0x1E" or"Stop 0x50" with Terminal Services Client Print Session
289188 Explorer.exe Generates Errors During Search on Remote Computer That Has No Shared Folders
289234 Changes to"Offline Files" Properties Not Saved When You Log On Without Administrator Rights
289619 Offline Text File Changes Are Not Retained After Synchronization
296728 Pentium 4 Processor Brand String Is Truncated in Windows 2000 System Properties
292785 Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues

Terminal Services

214488 Registry Flag fUseDefaultGina Does Not Work
256843 Access Violation May Occur in Termsrv.exe When You Are Using Time-Outs
261278 Terminal Server Ignores NumberOfRings Parameter, Answering on First Ring Only
262137 Client Connection Manager for Terminal Services Causes Access Violation in Explorer.exe
263749 There Are No Extended Characters When You Use an MS-DOS-Based Program in a Terminal Services Session
264651 Kernel Objects May Not Be Shared Across Terminal Services Sessions
265419 Terminal Services Server Does Not Restart with Restart Command from a Client Session
266783 Terminal Services Server Switches to Install Mode for Users When Running RunOnce Entries
269349 Terminal Services License Server Status Appears as UNKNOWN
270588 Remote Desktop Protocol Clients Cannot Connect to Terminal Services Server
274768 ICA Clients Over Dial-Up Link May Unexpectedly Disconnect
289170 Using English Version of Windows 2000, Cannot Dial from Portugal to Activate License Servers
292785 Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues


Article ID: 298193 - Last Review: February 27, 2014 - Revision: 8.4
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP2
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