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͸Ժ¤سѡɳ'Ѻҧ'觪ʪѹ¡ǡѹ ͡ҡ ͸Ժ¶֧ԸաҧҾǴͧʡͻ

  • winlogon: к¡кͧ Windows XP winlogon Winlogon.exe, Msgina.dll Ф๹кСѺͧ١ͧԡкԺѵԡ
  • к¼ͧ Windows: Сͺ¡ʹѺʹعѺԹ࿫¹ʡͻʹѺʹعҧʡͻСõ駤ʡͻͧ㹢й
  • к¡ѡҤʹ: 觻Сͺ˹ҷҹѡҤʹ¢ͧ Windows ֧ʹѺʹعѺäǺҶ֧ (acl) ʴ¡ 繡ѡҤʹ¢ͧ
  • ͧ Windows: Թ࿫Ѻͧ Windows лСͺ'' ᶺҹ 㹡èѴԹ࿫Ѻ 'ἧǺ'
  1. кá ѹӧҹ˹Ҩ͵͹Ѻ ˹Ҩ͹ ͹ʷ Ҩ ͹ʼҹ ˹Ҩ͵͹Ѻ躹ʡͻ¡ Winlogon ʡͻ 繺ҧ¡ʡͻʹͧҡö¡麹ʡͻ
  2. ѧҡ͹ʷ ŻШӵǢͧѺͧ١ͧ ¡ Winlogon
  3. šͧ觡Ѻѧ Winlogon Msgina.dll
  4. winlogon Ǩͺªͼ㹢й Ҽ¡ Winlogon Ѻѧʡͻͧ Скǹкó
  5. Ҽ ͡Թͧ Winlogon ҧôѺ ж͹ô
  6. ôͧҧʡͻẺѺ 駤ҾǴͧ Шҡ 麹ʡͻҧ ôТŷʡͻ١ªͧ͢㹢й winlogon Ѻѧʡͻͧ Скǹкó
͵ͧ͡ҡ Ѻѧդسѡɳ'Ѻҧ'Դҹ:
  1. The threads of the user wait for the log off from event that is associated with the thread that is going to be signaled (which occurs when the user logs off from the computer). When the user logs off from the computer, the thread of the user is finished.
  2. At any point prior to logging off from the computer, the user can initiate an action (for example, Switch User) that can return the computer to the Welcome screen without signaling to the thread of the user that a log off from event has occurred. When this behavior occurs, the user desktop continues to run and all programs that have been started on that desktop continue to run. The user is unable to observe any of these programs because the desktop is hidden. The desktop is reported to be "switched out", but it is still active.
  3. When the computer displays the Welcome screen, any user can be identified and authenticated. If a user already has an active desktop that is switched out, that desktop becomes the active desktop. The state of the program of the user is maintained because none of the programs needed to be shut down when the user had been switched out. If the user does not have a switched-out desktop, a new desktop is created for that user.
The following services use the Fast User Switching feature:
  • Terminal Services: This provides a multiple-session environment that enables multiple users to be logged on to the computer at the same time. If this service is not started, only one user can log on to the computer at a time.
  • Fast User Switching Compatibility Services: Some programs had been designed only to run in a single-user environment. This service provides assistance to many of those programs to enable them to run in a multiple-user environment


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  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
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Ӥѭ: «ͿŴ¤ͧ Microsoft ᷹繹ѡŷ繺ؤ Microsoft պ¹ѡкŴ¤ سöҶ֧㹰ҹͧ Ңͧسͧ ҧá Ŵ¤Ҩբͺͧ ҨբͼԴҴ㹤Ѿ ٻẺҡó ǡѺóշǵҧҵԾٴԴ;ٴҢͧس Microsoft ǹѺԴͺͤҴ͹ ԴҴͤ·ԴҡҼԴҴ ͡麷Ţͧ١ Microsoft աûѺاͿŴ¤繻Ш



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