Microsoft support options

What kind of support do you need?

Whether you are looking to resolve a product issue at home, searching for technical expertise at work or wanting to develop
product solutions, Microsoft provides a variety of assisted support services to meet your requirements.

For Work

Support for Small and Medium business, IT Professionals and Developers

Self-help support

Community support

Professional support

Professional support provides you with access to Microsoft experts, to help you address problems encountered with the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software in commercial environments. Professional Support is available on an incident-by-incident basis, over the phone or via the web. At Microsoft we call a problem with software, a support ‘incident’ and many of our retail products include no-charge support. Paid for Professional Support incidents are also available for additional support requirements, as described below.

Microsoft Professional Support provides support in one single incident or “Pay-per-incident” (PPI)

  • PPI 24x7 support availability (Telephone and online)
    • $499 USD for one (1) incident
    • $1,999 USD for five pack (5) of incidents

Professional PPI support is available 24 hours, 7-days a week. Response time will depend on severity. Submit an incident online to get started.

Professional Advisory

Microsoft Professional Advisory services provide advice for questions not covered by Professional Support options. Typical cases involve providing recommendations and best practices for design, development and deployment, leveraging Microsoft Products and Technologies. These scenarios include topics such as migration, product customization, performance degradation analysis, deployment training, scaling infrastructure, server recovery, optimization, supportability, extensibility, architecture and knowledge transfer.

Microsoft provides you with Advisory Services for the same price as Professional Support options. The amount of time a support professional works on an Advisory Services request will be similar to Problem Resolution Services, typically 2 to 3 hours. Your request may be rescoped to ensure this is feasible. Simply call us, stating that you are calling for Professional Advisory Services.

Note: Advisory services are designed for Developers, IT Professionals and SMB customers to provide advice and information to enable you to deliver your own solution. They do not include Microsoft hands on configuration, writing custom code, onsite consulting, root cause analysis or account management.

Program Support

Click on the appropriate link to find out whether you are entitled to no-charge telephone or online support incidents if:

Support from Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Pinpoint helps business customers find technology experts, software applications and professional services that solve specific business issues and support long-term goals.

At the same time, Pinpoint helps developers and technology service providers get applications and professional services to the customers who need them. Whether you’re searching for expert help or offering it, Pinpoint helps you create business opportunities that contribute to your success.

Support for Mid-Market and Enterprise customers

If your business requires 24/7 premium-level support, with a designated Technical Account Manager to help define custom support options that align strategically with your IT landscape, learn about Microsoft Services Premier Support. If you are already a Premier customer and you require support, please visit Microsoft Premier Online.

Support for Microsoft partners

If you are a Microsoft partner looking for support options that enable you to provide your customers with the highest possible level of service, please review your options by visiting the Microsoft Partner Network.

Microsoft Consulting Services

If you are looking for IT strategy, development and infrastructure services to help you design, implement and deploy leading edge Microsoft technologies in your business, please visit Microsoft Consulting Services.

Last Review : December 18, 2014