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OEM is an industry acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs are computer manufacturers that install software on their computer systems. Common computer OEMs are Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba.

Microsoft OEM products are Microsoft products which were supplied with a computer or in the case of software, installed on computer by a computer manufacturer. This can include your operating system (such as Windows 7) and Office (such as Office 2010) products.

How did you obtain your product? Was your Microsoft product preinstalled (in the case of software), distributed with your computer, or obtained as an upgrade directly from your computer manufacturer? If the answer is yes, it is likely that you have an OEM product. For customers with an OEM product, the primary source for support is the personal computer manufacturer who provided the Microsoft product.

Not Sure?
If you are not sure whether your product is OEM or not, follow these steps to find out. If the letters OEM are included in the product identification number, then your product came with your computer. If not, then your product was purchased separately.

As your computer manufacturer has configured your computer hardware and software they would be the primary resource to contact for any technical support that might be needed. You may be entitled to free warranty support from your OEM. Click here for a list of computer manufactures with contact information.

What if I don't want to contact my computer manufacturer or my warranty has expired?
Depending on the product you need support with, there may be Microsoft support options available to you. They include:

  • Self-help support. For free self help support resources, please see the list of product solution centers and select the appropriate product.
  • Free support. Users of preinstalled Microsoft (OEM) software can benefit from the Microsoft no-charge support when the issue is directly related to one (or more) of the following subjects:
    • Problems on your PC after installing a Microsoft Windows Update
    • Problems installing a Windows Service Pack
    If your problem is related to one (or more) of the subjects above, then please select your product from the Assisted Support products list and submit your incident.
  • Paid support. You may still be able to purchase support from Microsoft. To see what support options are available for your product, please select your product from the Assisted Support products list.

A vendor is a company that sells or provides hardware, software or a service. For hardware, this may include a video card, a motherboard or external hard drive. For software, this may include compression software, photo editing software or modeling software. For services, this may include email or a hosted application.

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Please contact your computer manufacturer or vendor directly to determine what level of support is available for your product.

The following is a contact list of computer manufacturers and vendors. The third-party contact information included is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Microsoft in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

List of computer manufacturer's and vendors contact information:

OEM Manufacturer Phone NumberWebsites
Acer0818 202 210WebsiteSupport Website
Advent0844 800 6020 WebsiteSupport Website
Alienware1 850 204 415
WebsiteSupport Website
Apple1 850 946 191
WebsiteSupport Website
Asus1 890 7 199 18
WebsiteSupport Website
Compaq1 890 92 39 02
WebsiteSupport Website
Commodore+31 (0)20 3113 550 WebsiteSupport Website
DaewooWeb onlyWebsiteSupport Website
Dell1 850 543 543 WebsiteSupport Website
Ergo Computing UK Ltd0115 914 4160WebsiteSupport Website
Fujitsu01 813 6000 WebsiteSupport Website
Hewlett PackardPhonenumbersWebsiteSupport Website
Hi-Grade Computers+44 (0)20 8532 6199 WebsiteSupport Website
HTC+353 (0)16 968 474 Website Support Website
IBM / Lenovo01 88 11 444 WebsiteSupport Website
LG0818 27 6955WebsiteSupport Website
Medion1 800 848 550 Website 
Mesh ComputersPhonenumbersWebsiteSupport Website
Misco Computers1 800 930173 WebsiteSupport Website
Packard Bell UK +353 (0) 818 202 211. WebsiteSupport Website
Palm01 203 8232 WebsiteSupport Website
Psion Teklogix+44 1628 648800 WebsiteSupport Website
Research Machines+44 (0)8709 202202 WebsiteSupport Website
Samsung0818 717 100  WebsiteSupport Website
Sony+353 1 407 3040WebsiteSupport Website
Toshiba01 248 1248 WebsiteSupport Website
Viglen+44 (0)1727 201 850WebsiteSupport Website
Last Review : 09 December 2014