Microsoft Surface Device Product Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ

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  1. How does this policy apply to the software on the Microsoft Surface product?

    For the Surface device, the software embedded in it is subject to the Microsoft software lifecycle support policy, as is any Microsoft software that is installed or downloaded on that Surface device.

  2. How will the hardware support lifecycle policy affect out of warranty coverage for Surface devices?

    Microsoft product warranties and extended service plans (if available) are independent from the hardware support lifecycle policy. Microsoft will honor its warranties and service plans, regardless of the support lifecycle end date (for example, if a product is sold at the end of the support lifecycle period and the term of the warranty or extended service plan extends beyond that period, then Microsoft will honor that warranty or extended service plan).

  3. Is the hardware support lifecycle policy period of 4 years from commercial launch applicable for every country?

    No. There is a continuum of legal requirements for end of life support. Some countries require no designated end of life support period, and others require end of life support for more than 4 years. The policy takes this into account and specifies that coverage can vary under local law. Microsoft is building flexibility into our sales and support systems to reflect this variance between countries.

  4. How does this policy apply to hardware products made by other companies but sold by Microsoft?

    Third party consumer hardware products sold and/or distributed by Microsoft and/or used with Microsoft products are not included in this Support Lifecycle Policy for Consumer Hardware.

  5. What phases of support apply to Microsoft Hardware?
    Phases of software product support do not apply to Microsoft Hardware. Microsoft does not offer Extended Support for its consumer hardware products.

Phases of the Support Lifecycle for Consumer Hardware

Type of supportMainstream support phaseSelf-help online support
Hardware RepairHardware repairs or replacements and parts are available throughout the support lifecycle. Services are free for products under warranty and available for a fee for products out of warrantyAccess to freely available online content, such as Knowledge Base articles, online product information, and online support
Paid and Online SupportAvailable, fees may apply, see phone support and online support for options
Software and Security UpdatesUpdates are available for the software/firmware and OS that is embedded into the hardware (except for Surface devices, which is covered by the support lifecycle policy for the Operating System on the device)  
Last Review : March 18, 2013