Receiving a Reply from Microsoft

Your ability to receive e-mail from Microsoft may be affected by any e-mail filtering software you have installed on your computer. When you send Microsoft a request for customer service either by submitting through an online form or writing to us at an e-mail address, Microsoft replies to you using the e-mail address you provided in the form, or the e-mail address that you used to send Microsoft your original e-mail.

To make sure that you can receive a reply from Microsoft, please take one of the following steps:
  • Add the "" domain to your e-mail "safe list”.
  • If your e-mail program settings do not let you add e-mail addresses to a "safe list," use the Help section or contact your e-mail/Internet provider's Customer Support to research your configuration options.
  • Disable your e-mail filtering "SPAM" software.
Failure to follow at least one of these steps may prevent you from receiving a response to your submitted question. If you have not received a response to your inquiry within 24 hours, you may also try checking your “bulk mail” or “junk mail” folders.
Last Review : July 30, 2009