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Key Resources

Key Resources

What is Microsoft Product Activation (MPA)?
Learn how product activation works

How to tell if your product is properly licensed
Make sure that you have the right licensing for your Microsoft products.

Contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center
Use this article to learn how to obtain the appropriate telephone number by running the Product Activation Wizard.

Learn how to identify, locate, or replace a Product Key
Help with finding or replacing your Product Key required for Product Activation.

Locate your Product Key sticker and learn its importance.

Activating Microsoft games and mapping programs
Play the video to learn more.

What is the difference between Product Activation and Product Registration?
You must activate your Microsoft product but you are not required to register your product, learn more about the differences.

Report Software Piracy
Reporting suspected violations of privacy when you encounter them can have a positive impact on the fight against piracy.


Microsoft Windows product activation

How to activate Windows 7
Play the video to learn more.

Windows 7 activation FAQ
Frequently asked questions about activating Windows 7.

Activating Windows Vista
How to activate Windows Vista.

Activating Windows XP
How to activate Windows XP.

"Your activation period has expired" error message in Windows Vista
Provides steps to resolve Windows Activation or Windows Genuine Advantage issues when your computer is in reduced functionality mode.

Reduced functionality mode in Windows Vista
Describes the behaviors you can expect when Windows Vista is in reduced functionality mode.

How to change or update your Product key
Steps to change your product key in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Visit the Microsoft Community community
Find answers to install, upgrade, and activate Windows 7.


Microsoft Office Product Activation

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard
Use our guided help workflow to solve common problems with product activation and product keys. Common problems include identifying and entering your product key; errors when entering your product key and eligibility to get a replacement key.

Description of the Office Activation Wizard
Office includes an Activation Wizard. To fully use Office, you must activate Office.

Activate your Microsoft Office 2010 programs
How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 programs and verify that your software has been activated.

How to obtain a new product key for a Microsoft Office product
How to find the product key if you cannot locate it, or how to obtain a new product key if the product key label is damaged or is missing.

Which button do I click to activate, purchase, download, or use an Office 2010 product?
This article helps you start using a Microsoft Office 2010 product if you have already bought Office 2010 and need to activate the product, want to buy Office 2010 or want to use Office Starter 2010.

Activate your Microsoft Office 2007 programs
How to activate Microsoft Office 2007 programs and verify that your software has been activated.

Resources to help you activate a license in Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2003 programs
Troubleshooting help and additional information about activation.

Visit the Microsoft Community community
Find answers on installing, upgrading, and activating Microsoft Office.

Volume license activation

Volume license activation

Volume License Product Keys
How to get Volume License Keys including KMS and MAK.

Volume License Key FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Volume License Keys


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