Target Device May Hang When Using a Large Database by Means of RAPI

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A Windows CE target device may stop responding (hang) when the device uses Remote API (RAPI) calls from the personal computer to search a database.

This problem has been observed in databases that contain approximately 16,000 or more entries, and when a database with approximately 32,000 entries is populating.

This problem is also documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
289501 Searching a CEDB Database with More Than 16,000 Text Records May Hang Target Device


This behavior occurs because of a known problem in the Windows CE 3.0 database API, which affects functions that perform lookups or reordering.


A supported software update is now available from Microsoft as Windows CE 3.0 Core OS QFE 31. To resolve this problem immediately, click the following article number for information about obtaining Windows CE Platform Builder and core operating system software updates:
837392 How to locate core operating system fixes for Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder products
The English version of this package should have the following file attributes or later:
   Size       File name
   3,627,144  Wce30qfe31.exe
The English version of this fix should contain the following files, with the listed file attributes or later:
   Date        Time      Size       File name     Platform
   03/02/2001  06:02am     242,124  Fsdbase.lib   ARM720 (retail)
   03/02/2001  06:02am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   ARM720 (retail)

   03/02/2001  05:49am     241,662  Fsdbase.lib   SA1100 (retail)
   03/02/2001  05:49am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SA1100 (retail)

   03/02/2001  04:33am     316,998  Fsdbase.lib   R3000 (retail)
   03/02/2001  04:32am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R3000 (retail)

   03/02/2001  04:44am     315,996  Fsdbase.lib   R4100 (retail)
   03/02/2001  04:44am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4100 (retail)

   03/02/2001  05:01am     216,196  Fsdbase.lib   R4111 (retail)
   03/02/2001  05:01am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4111 (retail)

   03/02/2001  05:13am     316,522  Fsdbase.lib   R4300 (retail)
   03/02/2001  05:13am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4300 (retail)

   03/02/2001  05:25am     252,896  Fsdbase.lib   PPC403 (retail)
   03/02/2001  05:25am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   PPC403 (retail)

   03/02/2001  05:37am     252,896  Fsdbase.lib   PPC821 (retail)
   03/02/2001  05:37am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   PPC821 (retail)

   03/02/2001  04:07am     273,136  Fsdbase.lib   SH3 (retail)
   03/02/2001  04:07am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SH3 (retail)

   03/02/2001  04:21am     273,122  Fsdbase.lib   SH4 (retail)
   03/02/2001  04:21am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SH4 (retail)

   03/02/2001  06:24am     256,010  Fsdbase.lib   ARM720 (retail)
   03/02/2001  06:24am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   ARM720 (retail)

   03/02/2001  06:13am     197,084  Fsdbase.lib   i486 (retail)
   03/02/2001  06:13am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   i486 (retail)

   Date        Time      Size       File name     Platform
   03/02/2001  06:07am     438,348  Fsdbase.lib   ARM720 (debug)
   03/02/2001  06:07am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   ARM720 (debug)

   03/02/2001  05:55am     437,868  Fsdbase.lib   SA1100 (debug)
   03/02/2001  05:55am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SA1100 (debug)

   03/02/2001  04:38am     546,624  Fsdbase.lib   R3000 (debug)
   03/02/2001  04:38am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R3000 (debug)

   03/02/2001  04:50am     547,252  Fsdbase.lib   R4100 (debug)
   03/02/2001  04:50am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4100 (debug)

   03/02/2001  05:07am     398,294  Fsdbase.lib   R4111 (debug)
   03/02/2001  05:07am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4111 (debug)

   03/02/2001  05:19am     547,028  Fsdbase.lib   R4300 (debug)
   03/02/2001  05:19am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   R4300 (debug)

   03/02/2001  05:31am     507,692  Fsdbase.lib   PPC403 (debug)
   03/02/2001  05:31am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   PPC403 (debug)

   03/02/2001  05:43am     507,692  Fsdbase.lib   PPC821 (debug)
   03/02/2001  05:43am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   PPC821 (debug)

   03/02/2001  04:14am     457,976  Fsdbase.lib   SH3 (debug)
   03/02/2001  04:14am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SH3 (debug)

   03/02/2001  04:27am     458,170  Fsdbase.lib   SH4 (debug)
   03/02/2001  04:27am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   SH4 (debug)

   03/02/2001  06:30am     450,454  Fsdbase.lib   ARM720 (debug)
   03/02/2001  06:30am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   ARM720 (debug)

   03/02/2001  06:18am     405,474  Fsdbase.lib   i486 (debug)
   03/02/2001  06:18am      69,632  Fsdbase.pdb   i486 (debug)


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.


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